Yi Peng, re-build the balance of your body

About Me



With more than 25 years clinic working experience specialize in:

Pain management(neck, shoulder & low back pain; Post-surgeryswollen/pain);

Woman health(PMS, infertility,menopause- assist your gynaecologist; stress/ depression -assist your psychologist);

Post-stroke healing;

Post-chemotherapy/radiotherapy healing, immunity/energy improvement.

Please bring blood test report, ECG, X-ray film, MRI film with you as reference for chinese medicine treatment.


Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1981-1986

5 years program combinds western medicine and chinese medicine.

Beijing Hospital of Trditional Chinese medicine 1986-1992

1.5 years as Intern in varied departments:
gastroenterology, pneumology, hematology, nephrology,
general surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics,
neurology, dermatology and paediatrics.

2 years as Physician in ER

2.5 years as Physician in Cardio-vascular Department