Yi Peng, re-build the balance of your body

Acu for Better Life

Base on maintain the integrity of the skin(and other organs), muscle and spinal nerve,
my treatment focus on

Dermatitis disorder:
神经性皮炎 neurodermitis
青少年痤疮疤痕脱发 Acne, face Scar & hair loss problem on young generation
瘙痒症 pruritus
牛皮癣 psoriasis
耳癣 tinea auricularis
发癣 tinea capitis

ENT disorder:
味觉消失 lost the sense of tast,
口腔溃疡 canker sore
健忘症 amnesia
耳鸣/头鸣 ringing in the ear/head
抑郁多疑 depression, over worry
眼睑口角下垂 sagging eye lids / mouth lips
偏头痛三叉神经痛 migraine,trigeminal neuralgia


男女性功能障碍 female/male sexual dysfunction

女性漏尿 female urinary leakage, 

男性尿频尿等待 male difficulty starting/Frequent/Urgency urination.

a urinary stream that starts and stops.