Yi Peng, re-build the balance of your body

Acu for Better Life

imageBase on the anatomy orientated strategy, post stroke symptoms, schizophrenia, infertility, psoriasis and femoral head necrosis etc. are all efficiently treatable. 






Focus on the integrity of the skin(and other organs), muscle and spinal nerve,

my treatment include:

Dermatitis disorder:
Acne, face Scar & hair loss problem on young generation
tinea auricularis
tinea capitis

ENT disorder:
lost the sense of tast
canker sore
ringing in the ear/head
depression, over worry
sagging eye lids / mouth lips
migraine, trigeminal neuralgia

female/male sexual dysfunction

female urinary leakage, 

male difficulty starting/Frequent/Urgency urination.

a urinary stream that starts and stops.